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Psychological intervention after the earthquake can not be ignored


The memory and the impression of the disaster in the memory of these Survivors are all about death, dying and mass destruction. For example something is named death mark or the fear of death and the death of guilt. For many survivors, they are extreme sensitivity to with disaster related information and sleeping with frightening dreams.they will be fright when it comes to disaster information. They usually fell helplessly when they have to face to death and they think the nature is very dangerous. In addition, it is difficult to extricate them immersed in the memories of the dead relatives and friends, self condemnation, mind numbing and even violence. Because of the disaster, people began to doubts to social justice. The phenomenon that the innocent suffering hard but wicked no retribution causes Ideological confusion and even makes the spirit world of people to be collapsed.

If survivors of the disaster not have timely and necessary psychological intervention, their future life will be full of resistance and to live a normal life may also become a luxury.

From some study, we found that the mental health of those survivors will improve because of some action in the dilemma they did. That includes recognition of their suffering, admit disaster maker, and help those who want to rebuild their homes with the opportunity and financial assistance…… In short, the survivors to the general feeling are — at least people have taken some steps to help their spiritual world back to normal.

Disaster relief work will cause a great psychological impact .Because they always faced death and damage; especially they usually have to touch with the dead and injured body. it often makes them suffering a very intense mental stimulation, may lead them to a long time psychological disorders. In other words, the relief of their own is likely to become the people who need to be assistance.

Usually, terrible death, loss and damage to mobilize the people of reaction mechanism, rescuers can produce a sense of mission, this can engaged in a noble cause to overtime work and tempers. But when they feel unprepared, even think them failing to do what they should do; they will feel great pain and despair. In addition, the risk of disaster relief work itself can give relief, leave a terrible legacy in fear after, if not overcome, nightmares about the disaster will be a lot of life for the rescuers, and can cause permanent mental injury.

After the disaster, the disaster relief is the most simple and effective psychological intervention is to encourage them to talk with other people, on their own psychological impact, vent their painful experience. And organization has the same experience of groups to pour out activities, will be more effective.

Psychological understanding and support will promote people to adapt to the disaster, and to greet the new life quickly.

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