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If you always have nightmare,you should take care of the warning of disease

If you always have nightmare,you should take care of the warning of disease

Are you always dreaming? Are you have nightmare? Take care of the warning of heart disease, in addition, it feels like “ghost on bed”,

Or you dreamed to be chase, what is wrong with your body? According to the research of scientists in England.

Actually, dream is the sign of disease ,it attaches great importance to the healthy clues. And check your body in time ,to prevent body problems.

According to English daily mail, a number of scientists make a summary of the warning of dream.

It can be the reference of your healthy problem.

Loughborough university sleeping researcher show that body feels too hot or too cold will lead to increase the dream world, beacause it even makes interference to sleep, make woke up times added.

Beacause of women’s abnormal variational hormone, they will dream frequently.

Always have nightware, it is connected with heart disease

As for having nightware, it must be related with taking one medicine

For example the medicine contribute to extand the blood vessels, it is considered to be “nightware maker”.

And lots of medical experts thought that these medicine would indirectly change the balance of certain chemicals in the brain,and then induce the nightware.

Moreover, “dutch medical magazine” used to publish a new found,

Nightware is connected with heart disease, because the heart disease patient would have breathing problem,it would lead to reduce oxygen, then trigger nightmare .

According to statistics, the arrhythmia will lead to triple nightmare, and chest tightness will make nightmare added to 7 times.

The Dr. Nicholas suggested that the lack of sleeping would cause sleep paralysis.

It is said “ghost on bed”, it always come up at the beginning of the sleeping or the state of misted.

Sometimes dream about chase,it is afraid that the person will have neurodegenerative diseases in the future. Overmore, you will dream fighting. It is one of the most sleeping behaviors disorder. It occur at sleeping the research show,

 10 or 25 of 100 people who has sleeping behavior obstacle get Parkinson’s disease.

Dream about sex love process, it’s close connected with creativity.

Psychologist magazine reporter wallace suggested that people would dream about sex love at every stage. Sex love dream would increase with the age increase. Sex love dream is particularly happen in 60-year-old people. In fact it is not on behalf of dreamer’s sex love in the real life, but it is connected with creativity.


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