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Cultivate a good state of mind is very important for college students. College students have been able to some extent independent of the family, but most of the existence of a dependent. Encounter more problems in a relatively independent life, interpersonal problems, including peer relationships, relationships with the opposite sex, and the relationship with the elders. Heterosexual relationships are the main aspects of the problems they encounter. Various relationships, maintain a good attitude, and lay a solid professional knowledge base in the future in order to smoothly towards the community to meet the challenges. The university to maintain a healthy state of mind should pay attention to the following points.
First, we should adhere to physical activity, and actively participate in various sports. Actively participate in physical activities, exercise a muscular physique, cultivate love interest in a wide range of sports, to form good habits paced, is the material basis of mental health.
Secondly, the students should be all-round development. College students is the initial stage of the professional-taught, a correct understanding of the relationship between professional learning and a man of the future to adapt to society is essential. Famous scholars, inventors, great, more than knowledge of the overwhelming majority of HowStuffWorks, broad interests, comprehensive development and their own expertise. If only emphasis on professional development, although it may often become an industry of the Wizards, but often because some of the Wizards-sided development, but lead to mental health, non-crazy that strange. Give full play to their potential often played a role in obstructing. In other words, if such the Wizards a comprehensive development, their talents will be more prominent.
Again, respect for science, good at dealing with the living rhythm of work and rest have relaxation Zhang, scientific use of the the brain power system operation of the internal balance, and awareness to maintain and strengthen the mental health. People living organisms is a natural physical movement and the development of the highest level of precision organizational structure. Physical and mental collaboration to the comprehensive development of the intellect. As is often said that the sentence “will not rest would not work.”
Finally, in relationships, while reserving differences to seek common ground, tolerant and open. Only one child in college students now in the majority, the family education complex social environment affect the formation of the salient conflicts. At home, the parents are too care so that children are too self-centered, independent reduced. Society, the competition is increasingly fierce, but also requires students well prepared to cope with the intense social competition in this transitional phase of the University. This conflict may cause many suited to college students in the university collective. If college students prepare is facing this challenge, they will also be able to withstand all kinds of setbacks.

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