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How to remove loneliness?

How to remove loneliness?Living in the modern civilized society, people are more likely to feel lonely. How to remove loneliness? First of all, it is necessary to understand how the loneliness forms.

Actually, there are two psychological reasons for the loneliness. Firstly, loneliness is the result of personality factors. A British psychologist Exxon holds that there is latitude in personality, one extreme is outgoing, the other extreme is introverted. Most people are either introverted or outgoing. Some psychological researches show that people who are introvert are easy to get lonely. People like Einstein and Newton all belong to this kind of person.

Secondly, most of the loneliness comes from adaptive loneliness, such as the navigator who goes on sea by himself, the alone frontier soldiers and the alone exploration member for field work, they feel lonely because they are away from the interpersonal network. People are social animals, who need the sound social network to gain other’s recognition and favor, in order to achieve psychological and emotional support. And once people leave the familiar environment which they are used to, there will be an imbalance in psychology, which causes the loneliness. The Emperor TangMing is a good example. He not only lost his power, but also lost his favorite woman Yang after he became the Taishanghuang. And his interpersonal network was also destroyed, which made him terribly lonely.

However, we are not helpless in the face of loneliness. Eppley pointed out: “Sometimes calling away lonely is very simple, just living socially, raising a pet, keeping the small objects from the childhood or having something to believe in.”

Among them, living socially is to communicate with others, such as to visit neighbors, to take part in community activities.

And keeping the childhood gizmos and pets is also easy to understand. The researchers found that people who are lonely fill in spirit vacancy by keeping pets, gadgets .Professor of psychology at the university of Chicago QiaoBo said, Tom Hanks experience in the film Desert Island the Rest of My Life is evidence. He was isolated on the island. In order to remove loneliness, he regarded volleyball as friends and gave it a name “Wilson”, and he also talked with Wilson.

In addition, belief helps to remove loneliness. A belief itself let the human spirit to have a habitation; and faith makes people have fixed social groups where each other can have communication of heart.

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