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features of schizophrenia:positive features and negative symptoms

Diagnosed by the presence of particular symptoms, schizophrenia commonly falls within two main groups of both positive and negative behaviour. These unusual behaviours, positive features in this case, indicate that they are definite or dominant and are rather peculiar. These positive symptoms refer to the more pronounced or unusual behaviour that strays remarkably from the norm, for example hallucinations(seeing things that are not seen by other people, or hearing voices that may be of a pleasant or unpleasant content).
Negative symptoms refer usually to the deconstruction of normal everyday behaviour, for example slowly withdrawing from social events which then becomes an acute form of social isolation or losing one’s motivational drive and direction in life.Aperson with schizophreniamaydemonstrate an alteration in their speech pattern,
for example there may be either an absence or poverty of speech as the person seems to speak in a very limited and notably different way, with some new words that others will not recognise. These words are known as neologisms (new, unfamiliar words) and terms such as ‘word salads’ are used to describe these .
These are a confusing mixture of words, usually meaningless in their context. As it becomes difficult to correct another adult, or question them on their presentation, non health care professionals and families fear for the new and different person before them, as they become more unpredictable in their behaviour. Eventually, the person perceives their differences and feels safer alone, preferring their own company.
Mistrust appears to go alongside their need to be remote and distant from other people. The person does not have the same need to talk to anyone, as they rely more on themselves and may leave home only to buy groceries and return. These symptoms are usually present for at least one month or more before diagnosis and either two or more of the positive or negative symptoms present .
The features of schizophrenia affect a person’s thoughts, behaviour, mood(affect) and perception, and these will now be defined and described in detail.

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