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Examples Mental Health Case Study: Case 1

Raviwas 30 when he had a serious road accident. He was riding his motorcycle with a close friend on the pillion seat. The bike was hit by a bus from behind, and Raviand his friend were thrown off the bike. To Ravi’s horror, his friend fell under the wheels of the bus and diedinstantly. After a few days of deep sadness and shock, Ravibegan to experience spells of fear. These started when he had been shopping in the market. Ravisuddenly experienced a choking sensation and felt his heart beating hard. His father had a heart complaint and Ravibecame worried that he had a heart problem too. This made him scared and fearful. The doctor sent him for tests which showed that he had a healthy heart. Ravialso started getting nightmares, when he would see the whole accident played out. Sometimes, even when he was awake, he would get images of the accident in his mind and he would feel scared and tense. His sleep began to suffer and soon he began to feel suicidal.

What’s the problem? Raviwas suffering from an anxiety illness that may occur after a person has been involved in a traumatic event. This is sometimes called ‘post-traumatic stress disorder.’

Examples Mental Health Case Study: Case 2

Michael was a 44-year-old man who had been attending the clinic for several months with various physical complaints. His main complaints were that his sleep was not good, that he often felt like vomiting in the mornings and that he was generally not feeling well.One day, he came to the clinic with a severe burning pain in the stomach area. Antacids were not as much help as they had been before. He was seen by the doctor, who prescribed more antacids and ranitidine, a medicine to help stomach ulcers heal. When he was about to leave the clinic, the doctor noticed that Michael was sweating profusely and his hands appeared to be shaking. The doctor asked Michael if he had any other problems. Michael sat down and started crying. He admitted that his main problem was that he had been drinking increasing amounts of alcohol in the previous few months as a way of coping with stress at work. However, now the drinking itself had become a problem. He could not pass even a few hours without having to have a drink.

What’s the problem? Michael was dependent on alcohol. Many of his complaints were due to the directdamage caused by alcohol to his body. Some symptoms were caused by the distress he felt because of withdrawal symptoms.

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