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Alcohol-related problems

18,500 deaths a year in England and Wales are related to alcohol consumption 300 of these deaths are the direct result of alcoholic liver damage (the true fi gure is probably many times higher but is hidden by under-reporting on death certifi cates) Just over 1 in 1000 people die per year of an alcohol-related problem Alcohol consumption is associated with: 80% of suicides

50% of murders 50% of violent crimes 80% of deaths from fi re 40% of road traffi c accidents 30% of fatal road traffi c accidents 15% of drownings Alcohol consumption contributes to: One in three divorces

One in three cases of child abuse 20–30% of all hospital admissions Data from Alcohol related death rates in England and Wales, 2001–2003. Offi ce of National Statistics, London, 2005.

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