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Advice to the person with epilepsy and family

Advice to the person with epilepsy and family
• Epilepsy is a long-term illness which may need medication for many years.
• Epilepsy is not caused by witchcraft or spirits.
• The key to treating epilepsy is regularly taking the prescribed medicines.
• People with epilepsy can lead normal lives with some adjustments. They can marry, have
children and work in most types of job.
• People with epilepsy should not drive (at least until they have had one year without a seizure
and are continuing their medication), swim alone or work with or near heavy machinery.
• People with epilepsy should try to modify their lifestyle in the following ways:
• regular sleep;
• regular meals;
• strict limits on alcohol intake;
• avoiding extreme physical exercise;
• avoiding situations that can lead to tension or sudden excitement or stress.

How to use drugs for epilepsy:
(A) Choose the right drug depending on cost and type of
(B) Start with a small dose;monitor response by counting
how many seizures and sideeffects.
(C) Change dose accordingly.
(D) If there is no response, increase dose to maximum of
(E) If there is still no response, add another drug or refer.

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