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Adjustment for homosexual tendency

 If you find you have homosexual tendencies, how to do? Be contrite and reform oneself is to be of no avail. At present, and there is no good way, but still can be adjusted from two aspects, here we have to introduce some for homosexual orientation adjustment problems. Adjustment for homosexual tendency: 1 self-respect, make friends. Not because of his homosexuality and self-blame, don’t let this “love” any breed rampant. If a lesbian fling caution to the winds to fall in love, and even the establishment of “love” relationship with sex, it is a very troublesome and dangerous thing, is your current maturity level could bear. Wise, should be to make friends, both isotropic and anisotropic. It is not only helpful to dilute the conflict within you, and help to maintain self-esteem also objectively, not too heavy heart hurt. 2 find the reason, seek countermeasure. Gay formation, may have congenital factors, may also be acquired environment, situation is more complex. Suggest you in psychological doctor’s help, to ascertain the cause of their own have homosexual tendencies, and formulate corresponding measures of treatment. It should be pointed out that, for most gay will be long-term, there must be fully prepared, and make continuous effort. When we find homosexual tendencies, we should take the adjustment for the homosexual orientation, so as to help themselves to the greatest extent

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