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activity based intervention approach

Activity based interventions cover a broad therapeutic spectrum. They range from

task-based activities, including those that have a social and communication aim to

those with a psychotherapeutic focus. Traditionally, these interventions have been provided by occupational therapists whose core skills lie in the analysis and application of purposeful activity; however, many other professions now contribute to activity-based treatments. Activity-based interventions can be undertaken either on an individual basis or in a group.

activity based intervention approach.The therapeutic aims of an activity can be diverse, for example with the activity

of baking the possible aims may be:

• to assess the level of function (cognitive skills), concentration, ability to follow instructions (verbal/written), sequencing skills, accuracy, timing, attention to safety, planning and organisation, decision-making

• to improve the level of function in any of the above skills through selection and

grading of component tasks

• to improve confidence/self-esteem through the successful completion of a familiar task

• to learn new skills

• to encourage social interaction using a task-focused activity.

activity based intervention approach. Given the range of therapeutic aims of an activity, it is essential that a comprehensive assessment of the client’s needs is undertaken prior to participation in the activity to ensure that the chosen intervention is both appropriate and therapeutic.

activity based intervention approach. There follows a list of the most frequently used activity-based interventions in

mental health services.

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