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How to accept yourself:self acceptance

Self-Understanding is difficult, accepting and appreciating is more difficult to self. A person who can not accept himself will be a strong inferiority mentality and disguise. For example, a woman lack confidence of  her appearance and often with heavy makeup.The individual will be fear of failure and even self-rejection ,self-denial and self refused. There are several ways to help people accept themselves:

1.clearing up misunderstanding

According to our orthodox education, people always be instilled the concept of ideal personality. But it ignore guiding people to face up to their own faults and phenomenon social values do not allow . in fact , the people are always living, people have impulse, aggressive and instinct desire. People sometimes produce and advocate the ideal personality which can not accord with the concept . sometimes the behavior are not accord with social expectations . These concepts and behavior often became the root people cannot accept themselves . In fact, almost everyone had this kind of idea and behavior ,  College students should these aspects . they may be the dark side of human nature, but it is natural aspect . We fear exposure, and be afraid to admit and lead to our own degeneration of many ideas and actions, not just the individual but most people have this phenomenon , it is important to correctly treat.

2. Treating yourself

We should try to find our own “flash point”, and strive to find our own advantages. We may not be able to achieve goals directly. But we can partition the target to some small targets which can be achieved easily. After a self-affirmation , you can achieve the goal of every day. Being a noble person is difficult, but the beginning of the noble is not vulgar. Each of us is not vulgar once and is to further the noble. We should believe my infinite potential, the person’s potential is breathtaking,. Every college students have to believe in yourself, we must be “don’t say no, always say OK” at all times. College students should also pay attention to edify, maintaining a healthy mood. Healthy emotions can make you keep proper tension and sensitivity, in order to avoid the frustration of the self involved in too deep and lose ourselves. Every moment, college students have to remind yourself ,be honest and review the gain and loss calmly.

3. Learning how to use positive self-suggestion

In order to avoid damage self-esteem , We might as well use some strategic self beautification cues , Such as social comparison (ratio top shortage, ratio descend enough to spare “), selective amnesia (remember that success experience, forget the failure experience), attribution of self-care (success to their own efforts and ability, failure due to my own efforts and bad luck), and so on.

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